Thursday, June 28, 2007

"I will do my utmost"

Although this is a blog for legal research, yesterday’s big news from the world of politics merits some attention among the posts of international law, US health care and valuable tips on publishing academic articles.

Yesterday, Gordon Brown took the reign, finally some would say, as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Though the date for Blair’s departure was known for quite a while, yesterday’s change of leader was rightly awaited in anticipation. While Blair swiftly jetted off to the Middle East in an attempt to remedy his tarnished reputation in light of the failed Iraq invasion, his wife Cherie Blair wasted no time in taking a swipe at the UK press (and thus following her husband’s recent, and arguably well-deserved, shot at the same press corps), Brown wasted no time in forming his first Cabinet. Brown’s Cabinet contains a few interesting faces in, for example, the youngest Foreign Secretary since 1977 David Milibrand (who is joined in the Cabinet by his brother Ed as Cabinet Office and Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster), the first female Home Officer, Jacqui Smith as well as Aberdeen University, School of Law, graduate Alistair Devling as Chancellor.

As Gordon Brown emphasised that he would try his utmost while arguing for bipartisanship, it will be interesting to see if the well-known tug of war between the Blair and Brown camps within the Labour party leads to a significant change of politics. In particular on the area of foreign relations and civil liberties a change is most welcome. At the same time, the unfolding of Brown’s overt EU scepticism will be an interesting performce to follow.

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