Wednesday, October 07, 2009


On Wed, 7th October at 7pm in Taylor A19 the Legal Research Society will present its first movie night of this academic year with a screening of the film HOT FUZZ, a British action comedy with a huge portion of irony and black humour about the bigotry, hypocrisy and intrigues set in an (superficially) idyllic small town in Britain…


Sgt Nicholas Angel (Simon Pegg) is a fiercely motivated and successful London copper who finds himself transferred to the sleepy town of Sandford . Almost everyone in this manicured little community seems to know and love each other. But if Sandford is a sleepy market town, it is home to some very real nightmares. Not that local coppers like loveable oaf Danny Butterman (Nick Frost) see anything suspicious about Sandford's absurd number of 'accidents'. Angel is no ordinary constable and launches an investigation, much to the amusement of his bumbling boss and his colleagues.


“Refreshingly British comedy… a movie you'll still want to see again, if only to get all the mini-jokes.” (BBC)

“Plenty of irrepressible fun, an interestingly sophisticated sense of the fictional differences between British and American crime - and big, regular laughs…Hot Fuzz is on of these British films [that] satirically and pessimistically show evil eroding the valiant forces of good.” (The Guardian)

“A British film that is both blisteringly funny and genuinely action-packed…Fear not, laughs are on the way…Hot Fuzz is a film that's as easy to appreciate as it is to enjoy.” (Channel 4)

“Hilarious from start to finish, thanks to a terrific cast, inventive direction and a brilliantly written script.” (The ViewLondon)

Free of charge.